Peter Brooks
Guest Speaker

Cab Calloway’s grandson gives students the keys to the Harlem Renaissance.

When the city of Baltimore determined that my grandfather's house was of no historical significance, I felt I had to do something and show people the value of heritage.

My grandfather was a part of what I call "the single most important purely cultural event in American History," the Harlem Renaissance.In my speech, I show students how to use the past to inspire personal growth and create a future for themselves.


Be able to use history like a flashlight and find a path out of the darkness of "what am I going to do with my life, why am I here?"

Simple Formula to Follow

Your Heritage + Your Creativity = Your Legacy - give your students a direction to follow based on their inhereted reference points.

Music and transcendence

Experience what I learned from my grandfather, and the Harlem Renaissance - how music and the arts help people overcome personal challenges and can change others' attitudes toward you.

We are at a critical juncture in our society. We can either continue to dispel our history, or we can cultivate from it the tools and mechanism our ancestors used to build a great culture.

Help Your Students Survive and THRIVE!!!

Both my grandfather and grandaunt helped propel the Harlem Renaissance. My Aunt Blanche was the first African-American sex symbol, and my grandfather laid the foundation for both rock and roll and hip hop music in America.I share with groups and students practical ways in which we can overcome problems and obstacles by taping into this "golden age" of American culture.An educator, dancer, singer, and marketing professional, I have helped organizations of all sizes and industries achieve elite level results, particularly in operations and business development.

"students were exposed to new and exciting information in a way in which they were encouraged to ask questions, analyze and think deeper. I know for a fact that all of the students due to these inclusive teaching methods were able to walk away with a deeper understanding regarding black contributions to music...I actually had a student ask me if we could include this as a semi-regular class exercise..." Emily Kate Avakian, teacher
The Renaissance School, Charlottsville, VA

"those of us in attendance were fully engaged with your presentation!"
Jacqueline Jackson, Vice President
Harford Country Community College

“This was an excellent companion to the lesson I had taught that very morning on C. Wright Mills and the Sociological Imagination.This was a great kick-off to HCC’s Black History Month events schedule, and I hope you are able to come to campus again in the future! ”
Nena Craven, Professor
Harford Country Community College

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