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Cab Calloway’s grandson shows how the great African-American artists created the Harlem Renaissance, so you can too.

When the city of Baltimore determined that my grandfather's house was of no historical significance, I felt I had to do something and show people how the accomplishments of their ancestors are still important and relevant today.

My grandfather was a part of what I call "the single most important purely cultural event in American History," the Harlem Renaissance.

In my speech, I reveal the 5 key elements that caused this event to happen. These are the secret passage ways that you and your organization can use to:

  • Remain relevant 100 years hence.

  • Be resilient in the face of overwhelming odds.

  • Enjoy a comprehensive increase in productivity and creativity.

  • Appreciate and be inspired by our journey to this point.

We are at a critical juncture in our society. We can either continue to dispel our history, or we can cultivate from it the tools and mechanism our ancestors used to build a great culture.

Both my grandfather and grandaunt helped propel the Harlem Renaissance. My Aunt Blanche was the first African-American sex symbol, and my grandfather laid the foundation for both rock and roll and hip hop music in America.

I share with groups and students practical ways in which we can overcome problems and obstacles by taping into this "golden age" of American culture.

An educator, dancer, singer, and marketing professional, I have helped organizations of all sizes and industries achieve elite level results, particularly in operations and business development.

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